Moneros historical prices

Xoblort: Katoomer, I always try with small amounts, read about all that in the link I gave you please.Xoblort: SabeurThameur, I do not use anything like that, I have no experience.

FearNGreed: well they buy support has dropped to half of what it was.CryptoBitSeeker: humbrie, lol bitcoin model is working, 14 billion dollars worth of value.GameChanger: Cruznik02, I believe that the people here at POLO that make the decision to list a coin know what they doing.

Moosetirement: tmdcrypto, my prediction etf will be approved march 5th.Koteeswaran: terrybeth, nearly 72 hrs none of then able to solve it.DeadCatsBouncing: I just realized I head nothing about Valentines day this year.The post clearly lines out why the masternode system has an exploit.Yes, I would only expect somene who ate more of both to find more distinction.Lostcause: Best14you, why are you asking to turn on btc wallet.

Watchtower: maikelban, one moment while i look into it please.Shinn: andbeyond, it wasnt really surprising, people knew since yesterday that technicals were turning bearish.Anondran: JohnsJohnJohnny, looks like u market sold, and some remaining orders were placed in the books which got eaten by someone else.PureLogic: POLOSARG, not at all.i said this yesterday and some people jumped all over me but 880m tokens puts significant downward pressure on th price.PicklePirate: Katoomer, I imagine dead bloated hippos that have gone belly up.TheNewTreasury: TheThinker, you correctly called Golem getting rekt.Oldgamejunk: Badfish, Please lets not play by play the charts and orderbooks, thank you.

Mufasa: traced coin and people all way back to same btc seized in silk road.Shinn: BrainStormer, when a coin is already trading on a different exchange, dont expect a notice in advance.Watchtower: PRO TIP: Make sure your password is VERY strong and UNIQUE for your email address and the sites login.Oldgamejunk: senior.tornado2010, Lets not start the cheerleading please.NameChangeBypass: Skrawberries, Stop-Limit triggers are automatic.Watchtower: Altk1, mentioning a coin without really adding any further sentences to make a conversation.Nordman: billbobob2684, good amount of insects in the country diet.

Oldgamejunk: gamespwferas, Please keep the language in the trollbox to english, thank you.Nordman: terrybeth, oh we have lots of cruises from Norway cheap.ZWhale: edvinshehu, you could use exchanges like shapeshift or smth else.

Banhammer: 102304 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Oldgamejunk.BCBB: ZWhale, I am onlydoing as I was Burnt on STRAT and waves. long term holder.Watchtower: aetcrypto, usually between 30 to 60 minutes please.Watchtower: POLO TIP: Check out the Trading History Analyzer page.

RainstormGBok: give up with this slow lagging website that doesnt get any better.Johnson is looking good and promising, there is why people dash:).Nordman: kneedrag, this one is commercially available at a one time price, been around for many years.Macbuster: Watchtower, ok, I think it went to the blockchain.Mufasa: minus info that i def couldnt reveal thats how it looked.

Banhammer: BeginnerRun banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.TrickOrTreat: someone put 17BTC sell.but no one take it and he canceled the order wtf with GNT.

Kakarachi: CryptDoH, she got interviewed on bitcoin uncensored and then admitted dash was just a get rich quick scheme.Cruznik02: Fibonacci12358, when are you guys gonna learn not to buy on the first day damn.Cruznik02: Rebeltrev, it sure it it dropped a whole.5 percent.Anondran: when LBC devs said they dont give a damn about the price, it went down Watchtower, its well thought over, i can assure you.Someone can make a margin buy, because he expects a bull rally.CryptDoH: GoldenParazyth, I hear ya. that was great rate for last week.PicklePirate: Fibonacci12358, no, I prefer the constant crying.Watchtower: 29dd, your withdrawal is awaiting approval, it can take up to 24 hours for support to reveiw and process your withdrawal.

Gravychain: Zebra, the instamine everyone hates gave evan funds to do marketing and hire more devs. they dont suffer from money problems like the other alts.Deus: Anondran, nice that coin has evolved much since I first found it.Burst3000: Moosetirement, and with bitwala now you could pay anybody with btc:).Nordman: billbobob2684, Dove In Norway is about the size of a pigeon.Rebeltrev: Its going to be great seeing Golem rise again.its only a matter of time.