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This is great so people know which charities have accept their donation.Quote from: Donationcoin on May 16, 2014, 09:12:52 AM The Donationcoin team would like to welcome a new member to the Development team: Please give him a warm welcome as we are throwing him in the deep end as his first tasks are to build our very own mining pool and block explorer.Please continue mining at one of the other trusted pools on the OP.I am pleased to announce I have finally gained control of the domain.If some larger charities such as the Red Cross do not agree they will be removed from the Supported Charities list and their share of the premine will be distributed equally across those that do control their own wallets.Trusting a third party or escrow is not possible with Donationcoin as we are the developers and solely responsible for this coin as its not a product but a crypto currency that in itself is a big responsibility.

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Now official pool makes block every 2 minutes, so diff should be around 3, i think.There is no SCAM and you have nothing to base this statement on.Quote Donationcoin is already at Indeed Donationcoin is up on, damn MrBee you are fast.Once this is completed Me (Spencer Lievens) and Syyyn (Matthew Langdon) are going to move onto further upgrades and additions to Donationcoin.Mining pool is in maintenance mode and you will be able to login once CRON jobs are fixed and started.

The import of 77 weeks of transactions does take a considerable amount of time but, will be much faster than downloading from peers.We would like to state that if any user of comes to this thread and posts a one liner i.e. Design is ugly or DIFF TRAP then it will be deleted.

Were one more step closer to achieving what we always had planned to with this coin.Last buy price was 2500 and our average has risen from 848 to 1486.Also to be clear, Spencer the head developer of Donationcoin was NOT accusing you of stealing coins.We have been moving website hosting to new servers and are currently waiting for the DNS to resolve.Reply from Poloniex: Quote Hi Developers, Thank you for your interest in Poloniex.Here are some excellent pieces of technology we are currently looking into: If you have any further suggestions for us please let us know.This could change quickly and I do not mean to express any lack of interest to do so but, as of now, doing so might be detrimental.

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Confirmation of Direct Relief relaying that they acknowledge the fact of 250,000 Donationcoin waiting for them.Its all going great and more exchanges and charities will be adding us by next week.Quote from: reftop123 on April 09, 2015, 03:47:25 PM I was thinking about this.Online there are already many variants of Bitcoin which you may or may not of heard of such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Reddcoin and many many more.We are really excited to hear from you and hope to help a lot of people worldwide alongside Key of Hope.People are being asked to donate to wallet addresses which are not officially supported by the charities.With a block time of 4 minutes it takes a long time to go through 120 blocks at the current rate that they are being found.

I myself am guilty of this and realize its going take more then just sitting around waiting for the coin to do something by itself.I see you have an affiliated charities link on your homepage for charities which have taken you up on your offer.But, it does have A value and therefore, potential to increase in value.I keep a list for him, and he monitors the coins on that list.

Both of these throw up red flags to new miners of this coins.Quote from: Donationcoin on June 08, 2014, 03:10:26 PM MrBee a member here in bitcointalk has helped towards our server running costs by donating 0.0495BTC This is hugely appreciated and equates to around 3 weeks running costs for one of the servers, thank you.

Please, prove me wrong by showing a letter of official recognition by some of these charities.I do accept responsibility for all of the 17,750,000 Donationcoins and will use them in the best interest of Donationcoin with full transparency and open communication to any and all interested parties.Happy to say that the coin has been climbing and spiking and is currently sat at 1450 Satoshi.Can you point me to the official associated donation pages of the above mentioned accepting Donationcoin.Good to hear you write a blog and yes we would be interested.This VPS will be a complete clone of the 1st and be a mirror for the Official Mining Pool, Blockchain Explorer and DNSSeedNode.Also if you want to join our Donationcoin Official Facebook Group just go here -.

We would like to announce we received a tweet from SwissCEX (shown below) We did not receive any email from them to notify us of this move.This does not write off the British Red Cross from excepting Donationcoin at all.Setting up a sponsorship system on the Donationcoin servers for charity fundraisers, more info soon.In general, cryptocurrencies are designed to have a limited supply in order to keep the currency scarce and valuable.

This means borrowing money to buy digital assets whose value you believe will increase.I will make every possible effort to secure the domain name we see fit.Quote from: CharityMiningPools on June 19, 2014, 08:12:03 PM Quote from: Marty19 on June 19, 2014, 08:04:15 PM Quote from: CharityMiningPools on June 19, 2014, 07:11:50 PM Quote from: Donationcoin on June 02, 2014, 10:42:55 PM Message to all miners of Donationcoin We believe that CharityMiningPools may be stopping their payout CRON jobs periodically to effectively steal coins from you.Maybe i will mine some DONs after KGW, but scrypt too hot for summer)).Quote I will now safely store this wallet.dat file off of the Internet until we, the Donationcoin community (interested parties), decide the best use or disposal for any or all of these coins.