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SideShowBob: if you are in my house i dont say halt or dont move i rain down havoc.Shinn: masterworld, but I slightly disagree with the statement though.in crypto you have to diversify.Raskill101: anagamidev, If pasc goes up today there will be an epic flush that comes swith it.We had the same discussion a few days earlier on the 200k USD payment processor and I asked what am I missing.Best14you: nobrasil2016, If you are into stocks, check out serepta.Imogen: moonshiner, yeah i do that in real life too when i feel like it.

Ghostbusters: billyb, hi, no convinced that would be reason enough.Hmanana: Most bleeps here, if not all, will get delisted in a near future.JeromeKerviel: Quickest way to become a millionaire: start a billionaire and buy zcash.Anyway, these numbers like 1.4 million, lines of code per day, etc. were all rough estimates of estimates.Xoblort: POLO TIP: Closing open tickets for issues that have been resolved saves everyone time and allows tickets to be resolved quickly.SideShowBob: colossus, its a corner lot with two huge oak trees over 100 years old.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 07

Shinn: KoinKop, i think there was this haasbot kinda thing online.not sure if its profitable, but i would never trust my api key to some third party software.Cthulhu: highandwired, i need more time to leave some alts:D.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 28

The number of function points would be exactly the same, but aspects of the application would be different.ZeitgeistAddendum: kingfung76, maybe in some months for IGNIS photoshoot.An analogy: imagine someone told you they had extensively tested a new cryptographic signature implementation by creating running billions of automatically generated unittests, all of which passed.Xoblort: niakris88, then yo uneed to communicate with them through that ticket system.Wolfofbitstreet: BingBangBoom, May god fortify your corrugates in these trying times in Jesus name, Amen.Topic: [XMR] Monero - A secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrency (Read. there were 22 927 lines of code. and the recipient, so the recipient can't spend.

The lines of code needed to develop the application would certainly not be the same.Trading without is imo the same as giving away money to charity.Shinn: d0z, if the price ever goes up enough, at some point it will become worth it.Thoth: matroni, your btc is on the blockchain just unconfirmed.

KoinKop: b623, yeah probably, but it has to go down then first.I keep a bit for trading up and down, but one announcement can crash it.The attacker can do the math to find the one-in-a-trillion-trillion-trillion case that causes your code to fail, something that would simply never happen due to a random failure.Tutankhamun: lockey444, if you dont wait for high high price you wasting your time trading.Waiting to buy a farm once the hobby farms get dumped so the main mortgage can be paid.Xoblort: masterworld, please refrain from the price speculation commentary.BingBangBoom: shorts, we do redneck snowboarding here too kinda fun.Shinn: colossus, every cryptocurrency is relying o people accepting it for value.

Quote from: fluffypony on April 05, 2015, 09:17:14 PM That figure specifically excludes inherited code.You would need to send additional ETH for that to equal 1 for it to show.

RastaMiner: 24K, yeah. and more than 2000 btc invested on doge.Jerrys: terrybeth, thats why i suggested the dominance graph very insightful.Tradechat Archive 2017 Feb 07 Page2. I agree. I will NEVER spend ALL my btc highandwired:. hodling til moneros hot Eudaemoniac:.Keep an eye out for coin listing announcements in the notices section under the trollbox.Thoth: POLO TIP: If you have a feature you would like to see added to the site you can put a request in here.Thoth: erhanzeynel, you will need to open a support ticket inquiring about support manually withdrawing that for you.After all, there are coins out there that build their anonymity systems from scratch.

MisterTrader: Filipos76, you can long on btc if you want to make some money.Hence, number of lines of code differs from person to person.Scrappy: Cthulhu, you are right bro, it is the best strategy, All the rich ppls in the worl are advised it.

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Anondran: finex whales are shorting btc heavily, looks like a bulltrap.Best14you: nobrasil2016, iconomi owns about 10% of byteball, with sustained trading value, the value of iconomi rose.Thoth: PRO TIP: People should always make sure their personal wallets are up to date and synced to ensure successful withdrawals and deposits.

Thoth: PRO TIP: Make sure your password is VERY strong and UNIQUE for your email address and the sites login.KoinKop: stricclylogic24, yeah and what i do is not being greedy. so i just take my wins quit quick and then re -invest.Imogen: moonshiner, no i mean on what your own inner being says.SideShowBob: bobdoe, well that was a learning experience wasnt it.like my trip to prison,,,and i wouldnt change a thing.Xoblort: CobraKai, we require 45 confirmations for ETH to be credited to your account here.

Banhammer: Abaddon banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by Xoblort.BigBen: d0z, u cannot predict future my friend. just short usa then,, u are going to be rich if it happens. i donot see it happen.I was relatively (too) young back then to care about the economics of coding.BigBen: KerCHING, the same pace or growing exponentially. not the same thing.Xoblort: igorsuv74rus, please avoid asking for coins in here when you return, Thank you.