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Israel just deported a lot of people your numbers might be off.The complete destruction of the greatest country in the history of the world, the USA is just happening by accident.There are enough deranged racists attacking black people day in and day out on the internet to do us a lifetime.

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Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual.Confused and Misused Words Confused and Misused Words: English in the present world is not a foreign language. It has become the International Language in an IT.It made so many things make sense, and I am forever indebted to the proprietors.

The studies used to substantiate the existence of these group IQ differences, however, do not merely speak of whites, blacks, and hispanics.I guess the conspiracy theorist would say their inverstment banker friends gave them all these jobs.Judaism is primarily an ethnic categorization of religion, which over time can and has evolved into a racial categorization given isolation and group in-breeding.

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You showed much more reason and restraint than I would have been able to.Women know that these laws (would) make them more competitive, as a country with legal porn, prostitution and foreign wives will have more satisfied men and therefore a lower price for pussy overall.When you teach disinformation to large groups of people over a period of several generations, you get a re-shaped society.Unlike the person you are responding to, who provided a chart to back up his claim, you provide no data to back up your claims.Not least the murder by liquidation and deliberate starvation of many millions in the old USSR.

Let me explain my position with an analogy: I might be wrong, as I do not watch basketball very frequently, but when I do, I notice most of the players are black.McGinnis: stick to posting neat-o animated GIFs and articles on how white wimminz be the downfall of da brothaz.Feminist, Multi0Culturalist, Marxist, Anti-Gunners, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Fag Agenda.Washington: India's financial sector is facing considerable challenges with high non-performing assets and slow deleveraging and repair of corporate balance sheets.Parts of the manosphere have long been preoccupied with questions about the role that Jews play in modern society.DP Singh, the new UGC chairman, must try & fulfil its mandates of allocating funds for university development and promoting quality of teaching & research.

Life is not about how much money and how many toys you can accumulate.It is absolutely astounding how willing some of these self-ascribed Red-Pill men are willingly running their mouths on a topic they are so completely ignorant on.The thing is, the evidence that Jews like to shit on whitey and stir shit around the world is fairly obvious.You are a complete imbecile if you think such a conspiracy exists.

View the profiles of professionals named Drew Cooke on LinkedIn. Drew Cooke. CFO at Neo Marketing Mangement. Head of Security at LOC AFC Asian Cup.Go to the Workplace Relations landing page. Go to the Workplace Relations in Australia landing page. Browse Resources for Workplace Relations in Australia.Find and save ideas about Alexander graham bell on Pinterest. His work culminated in one of the most profitable and contested of all. Neo-Victorian by.You know the difference between Israelites(Hebrews) and Jews.

He then resort to the tired accusation of holocaust denial and thereby ignore the real concerns that have surfaced in perfectly respectable writing on this subject from authors on both the left and the right.There is absolutely no doubt that Sweden is the Burj Kalifa of political correctness.Solution 2: Become the most successful man on earth, change your own genetics to give yourself and your kids IQs over 200, and start your own master race.Latest Forum Threads Destination for turning 50 Saying publicly word ass can get you on a sex offender list soon.Or maybe invade another country to carve out a little living space there.

Most major Western leaders to skip China's New. @Saba they dont like to waste time on projects which are not profitable. Recommend. @Neo Assuming you are.However we mention the sharp Jewish disparity in feminism and now we are supposed to beat our chests with our fists in apologia.In order to maintain functionality of a gas station, all equipment has to be maintained by preventive maintenance at scheduled times or repairs when failures occur.It is the difference in group IQ, they posit, that provides most of the impetus for socio-economic distinctions between some groups in western countries (ex: whites and blacks).

But you cant attribute intelligence to an ethno-cultural group.Among the most destructive examples of such collective narcissisms were terrorist activities against the monarchies of Europe, culminating in the profound evil of Bolshevism.

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As Canada's leading trusted technology advisor, Bell Canada delivers end-to-end solutions to our small and medium-sized business. sustain profitable growth,.Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Raju directed by Max Zahle for $2.99.The founding campus of the 23-campus California State University system, San Jose State provides a comprehensive university education, granting bachelor’s, master.Post that kind of deranged bullshit and you make the whole manosphere easier to dismiss.Pill Scout you are typing like a Jezebel commenter that just got her amygdala fried.The term conspiracy is a mere disqualifier 8 times out of 10.

Second, it is a matter of empirical fact that those who define themselves as Jewish have been disproportionally involved in European revolutions, to the cause of much misery.neo: to spin, interweave. quaestuosus questuosus: profitable, fond of gain, rich. quaestus questus: profit, a source of profit, gaining, getting.If the Jewish man adopts the Red Pill and makes his women submit, feminism would lose all funding and become a mere pool of senseless bickering, which would quickly fade with time.It seems to just be the upper crust of tribal fanatics, maybe 10% at most, who are on some kind of mission to weaken western culture.I think dev should sell some neogold from dev funds for exchange listing fees. Without paying its hard to get listed.What untile your country is 65% white, 16% Latino and 13% black.Somehow, they trumped against five invading nations when they declared independence.Whereas I can see the valid observation of the presence of jews in feminism and collectivism, all my jewish acquaintances and colleagues are normal folk, very kind and generous, and not sitting in ivory towers trying to figure out how to fuck the entire world in the ass.Gotta agree, we got Jewish kids in my medical school as young as 20.