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To redeclare or redefine a function, use the CREATE FUNCTION statement.You cannot use the DROP INDEX statement to drop an index used to maintain the UNIQUE constraint.In the case no matching rows are found, any projected expressions referencing the inner table are given the value NULL.

The schema object does not need to exist when its synonym is created.In this example, if a row from t1 has no match in t2, then its x1 value in the first SELECT and its x1 and y1 values in the second SELECT are set to NULL.For the time-based aging policy, you cannot add or modify the aging column.If the INCREMENTAL clause is specified, TimesTen refreshes only rows that have been changed on the Oracle Database since the last propagation.You can specify only one object in an object privilege statement.

Name of the element to which a subscriber is to be added or dropped.The plan is based on the indexes that exist on the referenced tables as well as the column and table statistics that are available.If you do not specify a value in the parameters, TimesTen defaults to an ascending sequence that starts with 1, increments by 1, has the default maximum value and does not cycle.The following query updates the status of all the customers who have at least one unshipped order.To enable parallel replication for replication schemes, set ReplicationApplyOrdering to 1.The expression is evaluated for each row qualifying for the update operation.The WITH ID clauses enables you to use primary key values to flush the cache instance.Any cache group type (read-only, asynchronous writethrough, synchronous writethrough, user managed) can be defined as an explicitly loaded cache group.

If all other columns are equal, all NULL values in a column are placed in a single group.LRU aging and time-based aging are not supported on detail tables of materialized views.An informational message is generated in the support log if the wait queue reaches 10.The objects are dropped when the DROP MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG statement is executed.Thus global temporary tables do not require object privileges.You cannot drop columns that are indexed until all indexes on the column have been dropped.This is the database file name specified in the DataStore attribute of the DSN description with optional host ID in the form.DROP TABLE and ALTER TABLE operations cannot be used to change hash pages on uncommitted truncated tables.Specify the condition used to evaluate each row of the target table to determine if the row should be considered for either a merge insert or a merge update.

CREATE SEQUENCE (if owner) or CREATE ANY SEQUENCE (if not owner).TimesTen rejects attempts to update a row with a lower timestamp value than the stored value.Do not use this statement to remove a single object from the package.A route for the active database to the standby database and for the standby database to the active database for when failover occurs.

To improve performance, use this clause when you are performing operations on cache groups that affect large amounts of data.You cannot specify a full refresh ( COMPLETE ) every time a detail table is modified.The REVOKE statement removes one or more privileges from a user.

If the result is greater than the LIFETIME value, then the row is a candidate for aging.Use a synonym for a mixed case delimited identifier table name in the Oracle database so the mixed case table name can be cached in TimesTen.The row would be aged out if lifetime had been specified as 72 hours.When a user is created, the user has the privileges granted to PUBLIC and no additional privileges.Flag that maps to the flag IndexedOr in the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure.ColumnName is a nullable column of type BINARY(8) used to store a timestamp that indicates when the row was last updated.

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However, if the WITH clause is specified without either option, it defaults to PRIMARY KEY.

zone Statement Grammar zone Statement. Truncated hashes are supported by appending the minimum number of required bits preceded by a dash, e.g. rate -limit.Only an AWT cache group can be defined as a global cache group.Optionally specifies the conflict report format for an element.ON DELETE CASCADE is supported on detail tables of a materialized view.You can add compressed column groups with the ALTER TABLE statement only if the table was enabled for compression at table creation.

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INSERT or UPDATE on a target table owned by another user and SELECT on a source table owned by another user.Referencing a view can fail because of dropped or altered detail tables.