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Sometimes soldiers of local ethnic majority dominate the peacekeeping corps, thereby act discriminately and turn blind eye to human rights abuse.Climate change is inevitable challenge, but if we understand the challenge correctly then we can better tackle it.They tried to stop Russain ship from unloading oil at Rotterdam port.Government already taken plenty of initiatives on financial inclusion front.

Shipping ministry formed new Committee to setup two major ports a.The members of this Committee, will be selected by PM and LoP.Similarly even in S.Africa, Gandhi faced critiques- main among them was a Tamil Journalist PS Aiyar.Skill India Mission Make in India campaign. 31 Sector Skill Centres to set standards for job profiles.We want to reprocess the No, we cannot allow that. spent fuel (for testing nuke weapons.) India should accept inspection beyond the current IAEA Not acceptable.National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO) Special webportal to facilitate organ donations.Parliament Committee recommended this but not implemented in NFSA. 5. Identifying beneficiaries biggest problem.Hidden Hunger: only carbohydrates given but no vitamins and micronutrients.

conducting identity verification and for those who proceed to. No, the requirement is that the 6 credit hours. signed a signature card for an account with.Militant groups named Ansar Dine destroyed some of these mausoleums.Government also amended Negotiable Instrument Act, to give legal validity to CTS system.

Therefore, Nokia is prepared for the worst possible scenario: let the case continue in court taarikh pe taarikh.Because we (Indians) required to do their work (of spying on American tax evaders in India) without getting anything in return.There are 4 types of primary election methods in USA, with difference in each state.Article 21A is part of the basic structure of Constitution The state is empowered to enforce reservation in any private institution to implement Article 21A The state is empowered to enforce reservation even on linguistic and religious basis, to implement Article 21A.Hardly 200 gms, 50% cheaper, 6-7 times more powerful than existing models.Product advertisement contracts given, in exchange of biased reporting during elections. 4. Companies with political affiliations themselves, own media-houses and news channels.TMT will help finding most distant and oldest stars that were born after Big Bang.We must stop this corruption of young minds by violent ideology.For which the editor, journalist OR media-house has accepted cash or kind.

Miniature shrines within compound wall Temple wall profusely decorated with royals, sages, dancers and even Kamasutra figures.The gender equality will bring more true and complete version of human being 2.It imposed old restrictions such as navigational law, and new taxes like Sugar, Stamp, and Quartering Act.If you earn total 12 points, your license will be suspended for a year.Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Puducherry.Therefore, US Secretary of State John Kerry has asked Palestinian President Mohd.

Rhino horn: Chinese medicine De-horning in Namibia to stop poaching.National Informatics Centre (NIC) gives digital certificates for Government websites.During 1857 mutiny, Bahadur Shah Zafar was given advice to hide in this Arab Serai.It is an example of Indirect Tax In real life, it is collected from the receiver and not from the sender.Earlier, Animal welfare board of India and PETA filled separate petitions in Supreme Court, demanding complete ban of Jaliikattu since it involves cruelty to animals.Therefore, Gandhi asked Sarat to abandon the idea of United Bengal nation.Note: in PSUs, Government owns the shares, in the name of President of India.India based neutrino observatory, 50k tonne magnetic detector.

Government setup Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in tribal areas but staff vacant due to naxal problem. 5. Drugs, transport, electricity, communication infrastructure is lacking.The last Delimitation commission was setup in 2002 Chairman- retired CJI CEC and State Election commissioners as Ex-officio members.This will help in rapid and safer movement of milk across India.

Government passes drug price control order. (DPCO) Earlier a Committee had prepared the National list of essential medicines (NLEM) with total 348 drugs.This will rapidly improve infrastructure and provide economic opportunities for local public.Kerala assembly requested President of India to refer the matter to the Supreme Court under Article 143 Mock Questions Q1.Therefore, USA wants Indian government to amend its Patent Act.Wanted to create a nuke safety council with PM as chairman AERB depends on DAE.Modi must not repeat the same strategy. 9. Building toilets alone will not solve the problem of sanitation.For navy submarines (Project 75I) and airforce (Su-30MKI) Light weight just 1.5 tonne compared to ergular version.April 2014, Gazprom sent first shipment of this artic oil to Netherland.Promote herbal medicine and AYUSH Employ tribal youth in local health care service.

William John Novotny, Jr., O.D. January 22, 1947 - November 19, 2017 Dr.But British authorities became alert, passed orders to detain people.Topic in news because Union has urged the State governments to rationalize their respective ATF taxes to a uniform level.If Pakistan gave MFN status to India, we could export these items in their domestic market.Rakhigarhi is best example for the expert to prove above concept.

Long Topics that require standalone full-fledged articles e.g. Ukrain, capital account liberalization or xyz other big topic.Unified license for India. (no need to buy separate for each 22 circles) 6. spectrum delinked from license.

This lead to protests and other sherpas refusing to guide the tourists. Q. List the factors responsible for avalanches and suggest disaster mitigation measures. (200 words) Rapid downslope movement of snow, rocks and debris- is called Avalanche.But now govt is taking steps to ease doing business- formed the Damodharan committee to give recommendations to improve business climate in the country.Hindu says 2080, Hindu sometimes even says 21000 crore (i.e. approx. total amount sent).

Once economy recovers and 3P India drafts proper contracts, then back to PPP-BOT model.Students from disadvantaged groups, cannot finish education or gain vocational skills, due to discrimination and poverty.If Obama tries to restrict entry of Indian cars without imposing heavy taxes on Indian cars, for example.